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   One of a ring of four outport
   communities facing Green Bay
   & Western Arm.


"John Manual is thought to have been one of the first merchants in Jackson's Cove, and he had a successful general merchandise business. In addition to Mr. Manuel, the Newhook and Knight families played a major role in early commerce. In the initial history of Jackson's Cove there was a post office, and the first postmaster was Henry Knight. One business, very rarely seen in a turn of the century community, was a photo studio operated by Kenneth Knight."

The wharf

"Besides churches and schools, other organizations provided a venue where people could meet and also help other members of the community. One of the earlier such organizations was the Social Benefit Society, founded by Kenneth Knight. This group served a couple of main purposes. The first was to help the poor and sick of the community. As well, members would raise money through local concerts and times. These funds were put into a kitty and used as needed. The second purpose of this society was to help people read, sing and speak publicly. The society was, therefore, not only a charitable organization; it also had an educational role as well as a social function."

"Transportation in this region relied heavily on the sea. As was the case with other communities in Green Bay, the coastal boats were the main link to the rest of the world. These steamers carried supplies, passengers and mail. During the winter very little mobility was possible. Most transportation was done by dogteam. By 1959 however, the transportation system changed dramatically. It was during this year the road to Jackson's Cove was officially opened."

Excerpts from Moments in Time, (Green Bay Economic Development Association 1994).

Jacksons Cove

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                           W. Tulks Fishout Pond



                                   Oceanview Trail

The Arch lookout


                                  Ocean View
                                  Bed & Breakfast